Ways To Contribute & Donate

The CENTER, a Samaritan Center receives no state or federal funding.  In fact, the only way we are able to provide professional accessible counseling to everyone who turns to us for help is through community support from caring individuals like yourself!  Help make an impact in your community by tackling the root problems of homelessness, joblessness, hopelessness and substance abuse.  Donate today!

Our annual fundraising event, Crossing the Rubicon, is held every spring. More information will be added as the event comes closer.

Caring Partners Program

About 20 to 25 percent of clients at The CENTER receive financial assistance on a sliding scale.  These clients are able to get the mental health treatment they need because of the funds from the Caring Partners Program.  For a one hour counseling session, the charge is $120, but the professional staff at The CENTER receives an average of $55 for these clients.  The CENTER tries to see as many individuals who need financial assistance as funding allows.  Please visit our “Donate Now” page to give through our PayPal.

Crossing the Rubicon

This is an annual fundraising event that benefits The CENTER, a Samaritan Center in Saint Joseph, MO.  The idea of the Crossing the Rubicon event came from a local nurse practitioner with the area’s free clinic, the Buchanan County Social Welfare Board.  She continues to see firsthand the benefit of people receiving treatment.  The concept of “Crossing the Rubicon” comes from Julius Ceasar crossing the Rubicon into Rome with his army.  This was considered an act of insurrection and there was “no turning back”.  This imagery is often used with individuals who feel so despondent, depressed and hopeless that they turn to suicide.  The message of “Crossing the Rubicon” is that mental illness does not have to be a terminal diagnosis.  There is treatment, hope and “a way back”. For more information on the Crossing the Rubicon fundraiser, visit Facebook page. If you would like more information on how to attend, how to help, or how to contribute call 816-364-4300 and ask for Erin Lippincott.

Silent Samaritans

Women of Strength helping Women in Need.  Silent Samaritans is a membership program that identifies Women of Strength in the Saint Joseph community.  Membership in Silent Samaritans starts with a $100 donation.  Memberships can be donated on behalf of yourself, or in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.  The money contributed to Silent Samaritans goes to help Women in Need receive the mental health treatment they need.

Imagine Eleven

This free Christian Summer Concert Series will be downtown in Felix Square during the summer.  For more information about this event organized by more than 20 Saint Joseph area churches, visit their website at www.imagineeleven.com


The CENTER has several opportunities to volunteer.  If you would like to volunteer a couple times a year, or a couple times a week, we have opportunities for you.  If you have a lot of expertise and need a resume building experience, or you’re a community minded individual who wants to help in any way possible, we have opportunities.  Please call 816-364-4300 or email thecenter@thecenterlistens.org for more information.

  • Reception for front desk on evenings and weekends
  • Make confirmation calls one hour each day
  • File charts
  • Help with mailings two to three times per year
  • Community liaisons for special events
  • Monitor links to website once per quarter
  • Fundraising
  • File management
  • Data entry
  • Website maintenance
  • Marketing and Business tactics
  • Computer and network maintenance
  • Videographer to design commercial and presentation footage
  • Brochure development
  • Graphic design
  • Radio service announcements
  • Data analysis
  • Medical transcription
  • Coordination of staff activities

Please consider sharing hotline phone numbers or following NAMI or AFSP for resources to share as additional, general support of your own friends and family.