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The CENTER, a Samaritan Center is an out-patient counseling center which provides a wide range of mental health services.  At The CENTER, you have an opportunity to discuss and resolve difficulties you face with the assistance of a professional staff.  Whether you are facing a change in career, making choices about a relationship, or looking for your best options for mental health care, The CENTER can help.

Many people have come to rely on the trained professionals at The CENTER with their problems or concerns in such areas as:

  • Relationship difficulties (at home or at work)
  • School/Work difficulties (often related to the inability to focus well)
  • Loss and grief (loss of a family member or friend, a job or a physical ability)
  • Appetite and weight problems
  • Sleep-related problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression, fear and anxiety

At The CENTER, we have a multi-disciplinary team approach dedicated to help the individuals and families in our community attain the highest level of emotional wellness and personal and social adjustment.

To address this challenge, The CENTER provides the following professional services:

  • – Assessment, diagnosis and treatment- Psychological Testing (For a wide range of psychological and adjustment disorders, from childhood through senior citizenship, including:  anxiety; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; autism; cognitive; depression; dissociation disorder; eating disorders; and post traumatic stress disorder; chronic fatigue syndrome; chronic pain and physical disability; and relationship problems.)
  • – Medication Management
  • – Grief counseling
  • – Parenting skills group
  • – Employee Assistance Programs
  • – Faith-based Counseling

There is a standard fee for professional counseling, psychological and psychiatric services at The CENTER.  Payment by clients, as well as third-party payment from various insurance companies, including all levels of Medicare and Medicaid, is accepted.  If necessary, an “adjusted” fee may be arranged for those who qualify as long as funds are available.

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